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Harbor / Marina
355 Elm Ave
Munising, MI 49862
(906) 387-2379


  • Sit on the right side of the boat! That's the side that the cliffs are on and the sunset during the sunset cruise!
  • Awesome staff and beautiful sites! Nice to sit in the lower part by a window that opens :) just as pretty and good ability to take pictures without being cold!
  • Nice looking boats. Hope tour is good!
  • Outstanding excursion full of excellent information! The sandstone erosions are colorful and tell the story of soil deposits as they leach out of the ground waters.
  • Amazing view you can not get from with in the park
  • Most of the reviews said to sit on the right side, but they made the same stops on the way back, so either side works
  • Awesome location
  • Sit on the right hand side of the boat on the way out so you can hear the commentary while looking at the rocks. Then stand outside on the way back to fully enjoy the view.
  • Great cruise,lovely day.the crew was nice too
  • Sunset Cruise is a must. Sit on the right hand side and get there early!
  • The BEST way to see all of the Pictured Rocks!
  • Get there early (1/2 hour before boarding, 45 min prior to departure) if you want a seat upstairs.
  • Would highly recommend to anyone.

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