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Taman Pandan (Lebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah)
Alor Star, Kedah 05350


  • Makan pon dah boleh tambah iman. Alhamdulillah.
  • Try the chicken chop . Lickin' good, guys!
  • servis macam gampang.
  • Nov 2011 - Koeteow Kerang (Regular) RM3, Koeteow Kerang (Omelette) RM3.60. Cheap & delicious!
  • Tak pernah sedap langsung semua makanan kat sini. Wonder macam mana boleh ramai sgt. Haihhhh
  • WiFi. Username: CSCM , Password: 4444102222
  • The famous koayteow iman. This food joint was establish since 1985. Try the fried koay teow with bull eye egg on top. U'll never regret!
  • The best kuey teow with extra kerang I ever had in my entire life, must must try.. even die hard trying, believed me, it worth it..
  • Relax kena koew teow kerang...
  • Try Roti Arab and Koeyteow at here . Marvelous!
  • Jgn buad bunyi tikus time panggil waiter tkbaik tau menjerit panggil abang
  • While waiting for the keuhteow to be served, grab the warm nasi lemak from the baskets. It has either ikan bilis, ikan goreng, daging, ayam, and sotong.
  • well,this koeteow is very special and popular in alor setar......just imagine, he used about 10 bags of, imagine by yourself, how many plates he sold everyday....
  • Malam je ada kuihteaw . Siang ada nasi ayam . Btw nasi ayam n roti arab dia sgt sedap
  • nk try lychee asam boy. .abg kopiah rekemen sedap!
  • they didnt have charkuew tiaw here but their kuewtiaw goreng with egg absolutely marveloussss..actually im not a fan of kuewtiaw im starting to like it.hehe..thumbs up
  • Laicikang yang best! menusuk kalbu
  • One of the best Kuewteow around. Just a fe meters onwards, there also a new shop opened selling SUP BEREMPAH/HERBS SOUP. Try it...
  • the best kuey teow in Alor Setar especially
  • Who agree with me that the taste was better around 25yrs before...fry dried kuey teow...

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