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202 E Fordham Rd (Grand Concourse)
Bronx, NY 10458
(718) 526-5806



  • Best pizza on fordham road !
  • This might be my fav place on Fordham. Always seems to be crowded. But that means you'll always get a hot slice!
  • The dude at the front always gives great customer service.
  • Haven't been here in eons but they didn't skip a beat pizza is still good
  • The best NY pizza in The Bronx. Must stop every time I come home
  • Fast service and fresh food.
  • Vegetable slice the best!!
  • Used to be the Best Pizza on Fordham. Not anymore in my opinion.
  • NOT the Best Italian Pizza, anymore. At one time it WAS. Not anymore. Now it is just, ok.
  • In the summer time this place is the spot. Go shopping grab a slice. Memories of growing up in the X!
  • Pizza is de bomb!!!
  • This place used to be dirt cheap. I go once in a while but I don't appreciate the rude service many times and the pushy customers. Other than that the slices are good.
  • This place is packed during the week when school gets out, even at 6PM & 7PM its still packed, the slices are okay, something to eat!