Venue #4bf118186f8aa593387cc23c

Greek, American, Cocktail
$ $
Terminal 2 (at ORD Airport)
Chicago, IL 60666
(773) 601-8445


  • Fast Food...Dirty Tables!
  • Great egg sandwiches and fast.
  • Get the gyro.
  • Cashier reminds me of Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. LOL
  • There's like 10 seats at the bar. Good luck!
  • Get an Italian beef sandwich and eat it while you wait for your flight to materialize.
  • FOOD TIP: Denver Omelet - sub ham for gyro meat, and regular cheese for feta cheese. Thank me later.
  • I miss the Greek place. Tables are dirty but food us served fast. Good?...all I have ever ordered fr this place was a gyro n sausage egg cheese and both times, on separate occasions, were good.
  • Worst breakfast food I've ever had! I got the two eggs. My toast was cold and not toasted! The eggs were eh... The potatoes were the worst. Super under cooked. Tasted like rubber. Ewww!!!
  • Get the real two egg sandwich with a real slice of ham. Nothing pre-made. I highly recommend it.
  • Great gyros!
  • Avoid. There is nothing even average about this place. It is dirty, and the food is bad. Go to McDonald's down the hall.
  • best airport food in ohare
  • Good luck getting a seat...
  • Fantastic Gyro in the Airport.
  • Good Italian sausage sandwich, with a hardy portion of fries, served up hot and quickly. Ambiance leaves a lot to be desired, though...
  • Not corporate fast food, but an actual grill. Best choice for real food in E & F concourses. Some choices for vegetarians, but vegans are SOL. Flight professionals eat here!
  • Skybridge classic breakfast. DELICIOUS!!!!!
  • Not recommended for their gyros. It's too dry and just a heads up they put together the gyro plates ahead of time so you don't get a freshly shaved gyro plate. But their burgers are to die for.
  • This restaurant (BLT) was okay; the lettuce and tomatoes were old (is it tomato season?) and the bacon was burnt. It was also too early for french fries.