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Gay Bar
Urbanstr. 70
Berlin, Berlin 10967
+49 30 69507335


  • Extreme name but pretty low key inside.
  • this place is schmutziiiiiig! do you wanna have some sex guys?!
  • Dance on the new floor! Sunday maybe?
  • The porn in the bar is hands down the worst in any of the bars in the city and it tends to be pretty hit or miss but when it hits it's a good bit. Darkroom is a bit small but otherwise fine.
  • Mostly a boring place, where desperate men are trying to hook up totaly drunk in the darkroom. The stange is disgusting. Some days there are parties, and the place gets crowded. Take care!
  • It really depends on the evening if it's good or not. Also, even though it's a gay darkroom bar, often enough it's open to women, too.
  • Trashy place and definitely great if you are into 80s, early 90s. We had fun. It's a very mixed crowd, but not tempting enough for us to check out the darkroom ;)
  • Sunday night was the best
  • Icky Party am Sonntag kann man mal besuchen. Abgefuckt, witzig, stickig - Kult.
  • Bar gay babado
  • I would not come back. Music is ok and beer kind of expensive.

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