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Trail, Mountain
3250 Route 9D (Hudson Highlands State Park)
Cold Spring, NY 10516


  • The first part of the hike is the hardest... be prepared for some climbing!
  • steep initial climb is worth it for the amazing views and fun rock scrambling oppurtunties. metro north train from nyc will let you off near the trailhead.
  • Great rocky steep climb with fabulous views from the top
  • Breakneck Ridge is one of North America's most popular hiking trails. On a clear sunny day you can see the New York City skyline, so keep an eye out!
  • THE BEST hiking in the NYC vicinity. Take the metro north train from grand central, but come prepared with food and water! The train stop has none of it. Continue on to beacon tower!
  • Check out the abandoned house near the end of the blue route
  • CRAY INCLINE but great, worth it:
  • Lots of climbing. Getting up was not a problem but going down was a challenge. We followed the red trail down but then all of a sudden disappeared? No marks and ended up off the trail. Be aware
  • Do not underestimate the ridge... do not bring young children or elderly relatives. They cannot manage the ascent.
  • The flag pole is great for pictures and all, but don't be deceived. You still have a ways to go. Bring at least 1.5L of water for the standard loop trail
  • Park (4 cars) at the pull-off on the west side of Route 9d, just beyond the Breakneck Tunnel
  • If the climb doesn't take your breathe away, wait till you see the views!
  • Show up on the earlier end of the day to beat the crowds
  • Great views of the Hudson River, easy to access on Metro North, difficult hike but its only a few hours so great day trip from NYC!
  • Great views! It's an awesome hike and isn't as easy as you think which is great! Don't pack too much
  • The steep, strenuous hike is one of the most common in the Northeast for more reasons than just its accessibility: Strategic rock scrambling rewards with panoramic views of the Hudson River Valley.
  • The view is amazing
  • Mountain that straddles Beacon & Cold Spring. The hike towards the first of the four scenic outlook requires you to do a rock scramble. Make sure to bring a lot of water and snacks as well as gloves.
  • not an easy hike at all. more of a vertical rock climb. but nice views along the way.
  • Hiking thats accessible from the city via Metro North! Yes please!

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