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$ $
8/F, Kwan Chart Tower, 6 Tonnochy Rd
灣仔, 灣仔區
+852 2144 3000


  • One of the worst places I've ever been. Seriously. But they do have free wifi.
  • One of the worst service in HK! Filled with staff who don't feel like working. Didn't want us to come in 2-3 hrs before last call; changed closing 1 hour early after we ordered. Will never go again.
  • $178 for a 10 minute beer pong game. Absolutely ludicrous. Enter at your own peril!
  • Happy hour = buy-one-get-one
  • Beer pong, slap cup, cocktails, music. All you need for a good time after long working hours :)
  • You need to spend like over 100 HKD per person on drinks in order to enter and play pong. Kind of ridiculous since we paid for pong too. Was expensive but cool to have a beer pong butler.
  • Beer pong with a beer pong butler. Changed the game!
  • Regulated games of flip cup and beer pong? I'll take it all day.
  • We were asked for 200 $ minimum charge per person LOL XD
  • No chance if getting on the pool table :(
  • Wow $92 for 2 cups of hot tea. Great value!!!
  • This place fucking sucks. Poor service. Snobby staff. SUCKS!!!
  • Expensive, western, pretty empty. You'll pay a premium to play beer pong in HK, your call if it's worth it.
  • Flip cup is a great game
  • No camera here

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