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Theme Park
Cedar Point
Sandusky, OH 44870
(419) 627-2350


  • Maverick usually has a shorter line in the beginning of the day! Head back to Maverick in the morning and work your way up towards the front of the park to avoid lines!
  • Best Coaster in the park
  • Back seat is the best
  • Country music is an awful abmination on one's ears. Thankfully the ride makes up for the music suckfest.
  • That 95 degree drop at the beginning is no joke
  • Best ride ever.
  • This is the best ride at Cedar Point!
  • The tunnel part is the best!
  • Pound two beers and discuss CMT, totally adds to the authenticity of the ride
  • Best when dark
  • I miss WWL.
  • May not be the fastest, highest, or most 'intimidating' but Maverick is simply the most fun you will have on a coaster - that's why its the best
  • Stabilize your head by keeping your hands tight high up on the bar - You'll enjoy the ride & exit headache free..yee haw!
  • keep head back and enjoy!
  • Best coaster at the point!
  • "It's Maverick good"- Alex M
  • It's a lovechild from the millennium and raptor.
  • Whoever brought the beach really helped pass the time!! Great idea!!
  • Make sure youre ready to brace your head for a high speed ride
  • Watch for bugs at night don't scream w ur mouth open!

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