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Hybernská 1613/38
Praha, Hlavní město Praha 110 00
+420 774 446 854


  • if you thought Le Clan was a rabbit-hole, this is a true after-party shit-hole :) unless you are big fan of ketamine or similar crap DO NOT go there :) seriously :)
  • Party nikdy nekonci. A kam jinam nez do Studia 54. Otevreno od ctyr rano minimalne do dvou odpoledne. PROSTE PECKA.
  • Rym...kdo je major, je magor :D ;)
  • to je peklo :D
  • Best music in Prague. Jinak trochu pekelne misto :-)
  • only opens from 4am; great electronic dance-loving crowd;
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  • Nejviiic party ;)
  • Its easy to get in, but then so difficult to get out. It will be probably the last club that u r gonna visit during your randan in Prague...
  • Elektronik mzik sevenler iin sper. ecekler uygun fiyat vodka 90 czk. After party..... sabah 5 de alyor leden sonra 3-4 e kadar alyor . DJ ler ok iyi
  • You don't wanna be a mayor here..
  • People who took too much drugs to be able to sleep after the nightclub close - go to Studio and keep on dancing there until afternoon. Locals inside are very arroragnt and rude, even the bar staff.
  • Party party party :D
  • peklo v centru Prahy
  • Stranger, beware! Time seems to flow in a different direction there! You might not notice that it's 10am and you have a plane catch tomorrow morning. Excellent place if you're into this kind of stuff
  • Taking a nap is always so risky like when will I wake up? in thirty minutes? in 3 hours? in 9 years?? no one can be sure.
  • miluju to tam
  • 7.4 ratio, apparently.

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