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Shop, Sporting Goods, Flea Market
Beach Rd


  • IPETS@Lavender.Great deals for special cages/pet food!!!!.
  • #02-174 ID tag (dog tag) complete set - $6, ready in 5 mins. Also does SAF #4 name tag - ready in 20mins
  • All your army needs upstairs, and all your food needs downstairs! Sup Tulang must try!
  • One stop shop for army stuff but sadly it's closing soon? Compare prices first pls
  • This place is simply awesome. The wide selection of gadgets and army issued stuff makes coming here a must if you're serving National Service!
  • Affordable tshirts printing and embroidery at #02-135. Direct from factory!
  • best place to purchase the stuff you need in ns
  • Beware of tailors nearest to staircase, the 2 aunties always in a bad mood, so put on your sweetest smile when visiting them.

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