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Japanese, Steakhouse
$ $ $
325 Columbus Blvd (on Penn's Landing, Pier 19 N)
Philadelphia, PA 19106



  • This place has a beautiful view of Camden. And I can't believe I'm actually writing that.
  • Your excessive wait time for your food is complimented by the sweet sounds of B101. At least some Japanese pop music would set the mood.
  • Beautiful scenery and decent prices not a lot of good wines to choose and ummmm the seating is a serious issue why am I so close to my date it's supposed to be intimate but yikes so close I can't
  • Steak and shrimp
  • Great view of the river. Food was exactly the same as I remember it being 10+ years ago. Onion volcano is the best trick.
  • Honey Teriyaki wings took forever but they were worth the wait. Yummy
  • NEVER. AGAIN. long wait, even with reservation. then they 'forgot' they sat us until something was said to a passing by waiter. food was not good compared to other hibachi places.
  • The ac was broken!! It was so freaking hot in there and then you have to sit in front of hibachi grill! - was about to pass the heck out. I've had better experiences there
  • All you can eat sushi $25 amazing deal !
  • Worst customer service and staff, waited an hour WITH reservations and were rude about it
  • Older Bartendar with glasses is slow and seems mentally slow also!!!
  • I poop here
  • Huge place but always seems empty. Excessive use of teriyaki sauce! Its drenched over everything.
  • Slowest, server, ever
  • Lunch special 1/2 off certain dishes...yummy...on sundays only
  • Food was good but they need better practice of billing charging for same bill twice be careful
  • Slowest service ever for regular dining

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