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Food Truck
Persiaran Gurney
Georgetown, Pulau Pinang 10250


  • This is the worst place to eat in Pg. Overrated, overpriced, unhygienic and hawkers are rude. Locals don't come. Watch where u sit as hawkers are territorial. In fact don't come here at all!
  • Great place to get cheap and delicious food. A lil humid though.
  • Sorta overpriced. There are better food out there.
  • Don't bother queuing up for the char koay teow. It's very average.
  • Don't order d dessert from d drssert stall opposite of asam laksa stall 73!! Not friendly at all!!
  • Must try the malay stall Nasi Lamak named ciliBilis !
  • Mostly food at here r overrated price,all dear frens....they duin tourist business actually
  • Park at Gurney Plaza and walk to Gurney Drive. Easier to find parking lot and safe a lot of time.
  • they open so many food stall/courts.....nyum nyum nyum !!
  • Bad-tempered stall 78 can't sit at his 'table' if you are not buying his effing drink
  • Disappointing. The satay here are too sweet and the sauce are way to slushy and most of the food aren't even Halal!
  • Best place ever for makan-makan. Go to stall num 71. Char keuy teow terbaik!
  • Must try the apom balik and fried chicken skin
  • If you're craving for Penang foods and you have very little time to move around island, why not stopby here at Gurney's hawkers to enjoy it?
  • Must eat here is deep fried chicken skin!
  • Char Koay Teow 71 is too good! :D
  • Fried chicken stall no 100 the best especially the chicken skin. Look for Uncle!
  • No.78, Chendol isn't so bad. You should try it. :)
  • Ma fav spot. Food here, terrific!! G-town, you know! ;)
  • Makan sampai muntah...

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