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Farmer's Market, Deli / Bodega
325 Main St (at Berry St.)
Hackensack, NJ 07601
(201) 498-0100


  • Better prices than most supermarkets
  • Address is actually 341 River Street. I'm looking at the sign. Good prices, but need to use the produce soon! GREAT flower prices! Mary C
  • A couple if things impress me about this place... Flowers are great and very cheap. Produce is good quality and relatively inexpensive and the Meat, Deli, and Fish departments are very good.
  • Good ethnic spices (Asian, Latin, Caribbean). Great floral. Good produce but pick carefully. Decent seafood. Meat plans avail for low income families.
  • Decent prices. Fresh fish every thursday. Has deli section. Different checkout for meat, fish & veggies.
  • Extensive selection of fresh fruits, veggies, and seafood!
  • Wow! Fantastic produce, meat, and seafood selections. Pay separately for groceries; seafood; and meat. An awesome value and good service! @NicoleRovig
  • Bad smell coming the fish market. Was disappointed in the quality of the fruit.
  • An angry Asian guy (guess)in d fish counter, never hears what we says. Other 2 (guess mexicans) are very good. Nice collection of fishes.
  • Always busy, and no place to park. Make sure you have time
  • Wow, 4 big bags of fruit and veggies for $30!!!
  • very crowded but excellent produce fruits...
  • Keep your receipt in case your items are/go bad- they'll exchange it for you.
  • The little deli in back carries Boars Head cold cuts and at much lower per pound prices than your local hypermarket.
  • I feel quite pale in here. Better get some sun if you wanna compete with our Mexican brethren
  • Go here for delicious sandwiches! The prices are amazing.
  • be sure to check out the Fish Counter - good prices and whole fish available
  • If you're looking for a bouquet of flowers for a gift, get it here. Very affordable, and the beautifully arranged bouquets I've bought have consistently lasted 10 days or longer still smelling good!
  • Giant sandwich and a soda for five bucks! Cant go wrong
  • deli so good

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