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Deli / Bodega
5701 Main St (at Booth Memorial Ave)
Flushing, NY 11355
(718) 539-1616


  • VERY overpriced!
  • Sucks.. Never again
  • The Asian check out lady seems to change prices of things everytime I go in. I mean $2 for a small bag of cheez-its. Come on
  • Overpriced.
  • Make sure your drinks are not expired. Check the expiration dates!
  • Ever pay $4 for a sandwich and be completely satisfied? Cool, cuz it ain't happening at this place. Prepare to be ripped off
  • Young lady at counter could do with some manners. Food pretty good. Avoid the salad bar as there are often flies there. Check expiry date on everything.
  • Hostess and Drakes cake
  • The ham n egg n cheese is scrumptiousssss.....with slice tomatoe instead of ketchup ummm...good breakfast on the go...ohh don't forget ur cup of cofeee..
  • To I hear the m and m's are good there .
  • Brian lee says "the Philly cheese is off the chains!!"