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Courthouse, Snacks
100 Dolorosa
San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 335-2011



  • If you live in San Antonio, this is definitely the second to last place you want to be at.
  • If you are reporting for jury duty make sure to bring a book,laptop,iPad etc. There are charging ports at the front of the main jury room. You are going to be here a while.
  • New digital parking meters are awesome! Way to go San Antonio!!
  • You may wish to bring a light jacket or sweater, even in August, because the A/C is very cold
  • 2 buck parking if Juror in Bexar County Garage.
  • Park in Bexar County garage for 2 bucks if Juror.
  • On jury duty? Plenty of lunch spots going east on market an houston streets. Sushi zushi, central park pizza, and sip among favs
  • Had a hand cuff key on my keys and officer made me throw it away. Makes no sense at all. BS.
  • The Presiding Court renovation is impressive.
  • Don't sit all the way in the back in the separate 3 rows, it gets hot because there's like 7 lights on you and no a/c ducts
  • Free Wifi but ii is slow. 3G is slow too unless u step outside
  • Get here late. Everything 1 hour behind ha
  • Ride the bus if you're a juror!
  • A lot of offices from here moved to the new building in the justice center. Check before you leave.
  • Lot across the street is now 12. Wish I read the tips before paying that. The courthouse now offers free wifi.
  • Park a block down, pay 3 dollars for 5 hours, and avoid the lot next door for 7 dollars.
  • Leave your concealed carry in your car.
  • A nice place for a photo op when walking around downtown. Nice fountain.
  • stands to be the Courthouse of fourth largest County in Texas and the 19th largest County nationally. The building was built right before the 20th century and designed in a Romanesque Revival Style.
  • Bitchass fines!

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