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Surf Spot, Beach
Carolina, Carolina Municipio


  • You gotta eat one of Willys famous hot dogs, burgers or sandwiches...
  • Has the biggest waves in Isla Verde, and the beach was the least crowded. Watch out for underwater rocks about 20 feet out in the surfing area.
  • To run the full length of the beach (boulders to boulders) is 1.48 miles measured by gps.
  • Please pick up your trash before leaving found several straws and plastic bags
  • Lovely place
  • Relaxing day
  • Very nice and clean beach
  • La mejor playa para aprender a surfear de todo el norte de Puerto Rico.
  • Excelente playa para aprender a surfear y correr descalzo.
  • Have fun. Enjoy that rum in the sun.
  • Don't park on the right side of the street, you'll get a ticket.
  • Come before 11 am and you will find great spots around the beach..

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