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Food Court, Malay
Alamanda Shopping Centre (LG72-74)
Putrajaya, WP Putrajaya 62000


  • Nasi puteh lauk ikan shj = rm8. Sila makan dengan pinggan sekali. Sekian
  • Yummy waffles at Waffles Stop.
  • Great food at reasonable prices... :)
  • Coconut shake terbaik! Wajib cuba
  • The food court is freaking expensive.
  • Try the crispy popiah n waffle..mmg sedap..
  • They have the best coconut shake ever! Only rm5.
  • nsi ayam penyet bolehlah...dinsum trbaik!
  • had so much fun eating delicious food, meeting many amazin ppl ;)
  • X sedap mn pun mkn dekat situ..semua mahal.. baik mkn dekat lain.
  • The chicken teriyaki bento here is the best! Can't find elsewhere that as good as it is here.
  • Milo ais taste so bad!
  • Pink guava pink guava!
  • I always go to the mixed rice stall, the vegetarian and sweet sour fish is good. The plates are huge so dont stinge on the servings, cost it cost the same.
  • 1st time pegi sni.... Try mkn ikan bawal + udang..
  • Boleh lah untuk kenyangkan perut..hehe
  • Nice place to having meals.
  • Few times been here .. ada lalat .. how come dlm shopping mall pun ada lalat
  • Try out Noah's Burger! It will surprise you.
  • Nasi kerabu mahal..

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