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Lake, Other Outdoors
Kissena Lake
Flushing, NY 11355


  • Great outdoors bagdhe! Check in aj d sni..
  • Go fish! Bluegill sunfish and black crappie flourish in this 8.5 acre lake, along with the citys largest carp. Use lures, not bait, or you run the risk of catching one of the lakes many turtles.
  • very nice place
  • There are some cool hidden trails in the back that are shaded.
  • Head to the east side of Kissena Lake when there's snow on the ground to find a sled-friendly hill. Enter the park at Metcalf and 164th Streets.
  • Kissena Lake is an excellent spot to see waterfowl. Be on the lookout for ducks, herons, egrets, gallinules, and more.
  • Come sit at the benches overlooking the lake on a rainy day with good music and feel you worries fade away
  • Great place at night! Just sit by the lake and watch the fireflies blink.
  • Spent most of my childhood and tteen years in this park. A true treasure. There are 2 giant snapping turtles in the lake that only a few have been lucky enough to see.. once an aligator was pulled
  • Look for Joey on a bike, he will let you the history of the park.

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