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History Museum, Concert Hall, Education
21 North Clinton St.
Iowa City, IA 52242
(319) 335-0548



  • Old Capitol became the first building owned by the University after the state government moved to Des Moines in 1857.
  • Kiss someone on the steps of the Old Capitol!
  • Lovely place
  • Cool historical building that is well worth spending 15 minutes or more to explore the original state Capitol of Iowa (1846-1857) - And it's completely free!
  • Arguably most beautiful building on campus. Home of the Old Capitol Museum. Most appealing during the night when its well lit. The stereo-typical "Top-University" Building. Photography encouraged.
  • Take a tour today! The historical Old Capitol is the focal point of the University of Iowa. After state government was moved to Des Moines, it became the first building owned by the University!
  • Very cool building
  • A very photogenic building in the middle of IC. Great for photo ops and generally relaxing downtown.
  • A cool lawn area leading up to the historic building.
  • Learn all about the Iowa Cow War.
  • Very Good! Perfect!
  • Great museum but hard to get to with a handicapped person.
  • The Old Capital building is officially a U.S. National Historic Landmark, and represents the area to many. The University's official logo is a graphic representation of the dome of the building.
  • Lots of histroy, worth a walk past if ever in Iowa City
  • Take a picture on the Old Capitol steps in your cap and gown!

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