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Pub, Dive Bar
1074 Joliet St (at Great Lakes Dr.)
Dyer, IN 46311
(219) 865-9896


  • Me: Do you have any IPA's Bartender: What's an IPA Me: It stands for Indian Pale Ale, an especially hoppy ale named by English sailors . . . Bartender/interrupting: you know what, I don't fucking care
  • Jill is the best, I agree. Good place to chill. I love trivia night on Mondays.
  • Oh and jills the most attractive, love her!
  • The guinness is great here!!! Try it
  • From Prime Real Estate Say Hi to Jill or Roger!
  • Jill rocks!
  • Jill is the best!!!!
  • If you can stand it, it is a challenge for all your senses. However there are nice people there.
  • Trivia on Monday Nights are amazing!
  • Cool little dip out spot. Gets smokey though.
  • Ignorant rednecks at the bar are a little tiresome.
  • Come for the entertainment and the awesome local brews on tap!
  • $10 minimum on cc's

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