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Theme Park
Universal Studios Singapore
Singapore, 098544


  • Madagascar studios
  • Fun for kids but for adults once can already
  • Long queue plus rain
  • I almost fell asleep in the ride.
  • Zzzz.. Boring
  • Latest iPad
  • Watch out for the Central Zoopaloopza tour, where Alex and the crew performs for you!
  • Lovely time
  • Very peaceful section suite for kids merry go round and boat trip in an airplane nothing shock you
  • Fun for the kids and kids once!
  • Our first ride in the park and we liked it. Come and see
  • It is soooo easy going anyone (any age) can ride
  • Loved the ride. More for kids 5-10 years old.
  • I like to move it move it.
  • A slow but enjoyable ride. Kids love it here. Guest appearances by the Madagascar characters too just outside. Check out the show times so you don't miss them.
  • Very tame... More for kids
  • Naik perahu kayu mengikuti arus.. i like a move it move it
  • Disaat ada air terjun didepan mata, disitu kami shock dan ternyata pas deket banget airnya langsung kebelah
  • Fun ride. Really!

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