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Breakfast, Sandwiches, Bagels
1312 Sansom St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 985-2901


  • Seriously? $3.49 for 2 eggs, homefries, toast, and coffee that isn't terrible? What a cheap find in Center City
  • Be prepared to wait, but Bill himself is behind the counter. The wait is because of the following, great little spot for breakfast or lunch.
  • This place is the best! Prices are very low and the food amount is a lot. Bill is usually at the grill fixing everything up. Be sure and try out the pancakes and bacon.
  • Very very spotless. Id eat off the floor. Great product for the price. Def recommend.
  • Man handled my food with no gloves. I enjoy this place but can't deal with that.
  • The best greasy spoon in Midtown Village. The Breakfast Special is a start of the morning must.
  • Good Bacon cheese burgers
  • chicken pot pie is soooo good!