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65 Wing Lok St
Sheung Wan,
+852 2545 2588


  • We love it! :-)
  • Always always check their math! They try to add charges or claim your happy hour beers were not at happy hour! Boo!
  • It's the end of the night, get a Macallan.
  • Recommend! Great vibe in a quieter area of town. Extremely friendly service. Owner/manager made everyone who walked in feel welcome and appreciated.
  • Grilled chicken steak meal is good.
  • If you are going to drink here for an evening, PAY AS YOU GO! Don't let them cheat you when the bill comes at the end of a long evening. Because they WILL try to cheat you.
  • Cheap and cheerful... Yummy lettuce wraps and always playing tunes from the 80's and packed with the after work crowd