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1800 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 325-5016


  • Bootleg Chipotle that's only a few cents cheaper. As appetizing as some that leftover Chinese you keep staring @ in your fridge from last week
  • The food was bland. There was a piece of bone I the shredded chicken that I ordered. Not going back there again.
  • Best burrito I've ever had. Authentic, traditionally prepared carnitas and barbacoa. Combo with chips and drink is only $7.50 (which is less than just a burrito at Chipotle).
  • The only excuse for eating here is when you're too broke to buy chipotle. D:
  • Half burrito is nearly as big as a regular anywhere else. The "grande" burrito lives up to its name - and it's only $5!
  • Be sure to dodge the warm sour cream. It's not the best food, but you can score lunch for $3.50, so why not!