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Fast Food, Breakfast, Restaurant
341 S Vermont Ave (btwn W 3rd St & W 4th St)
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 383-6934



  • Don't eat here. This is the worst mcds I've ever been to! Fries over cooked, order wrong, etc.
  • Need to ask to unlock bathroom when needed....not cool.
  • McRib is back!!!
  • The drive-thru people at night are not very well coordinated. They dnt look happy when u ask for extra sauces...
  • Get the big mac, apparently it's the business
  • In sense the classic 90s McDonald's is back so I will add yellow and orange striped onnings on this McDonald's restaurant.
  • Sometimes you just need a McDonald's ice cream cone...and its across the street from Chateau Marmont.
  • Drive thru is horrible no good service.
  • Only ghetto, prostitutes, religious activists, crazies and sketchy people come to this one.
  • Seriously. Consider yourself warned. DON'T EAT HERE!!! I have a high tolerance for the occasional bad visit. But not EVERY visit.
  • Don't go inside they are SLOW as heck!
  • These Korean senior citizens are taking up half the seats while only purchasing a cup of coffee at best. They seriously need to congregate elsewhere. This isn't a senior center.
  • I don't eat here. I just go to this dump to take one. On second thought, using their restroom might be worse than eating their food.
  • This place sucks salty balls!! They never give you what you need, like napkins and forks, etc.. You gotta beg these ppl for them to do their jobs:(
  • Mcdonald's fries were terrible. Don't be surprised if you get the same ones refried after asking them for new ones to replace the stale fries...terrible.
  • Living social has a deal
  • iced caramel mocha isn't very good.
  • Caramel apple sundae is pretty damn good.
  • Try the mango pineapple shake apparently its good.
  • Love the mango pineapple shake!

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