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Café, Coffee Shop
55 Fruit St (Massachusetts General Hospital)
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 726-2000


  • Better and less expensive coffee than Dunks; the downside is you're at the hospital.
  • Try the iced Jamaican Me Crazy. Delicious!
  • I have been here a lot of times and the service is great. The coffee is really good and the food is good too. Great employees and friendly too!
  • Fast moving lines. They always have a unique flavor of the day coffee!
  • I work in the hospital and thats the only reason I grab coffee here. Service is good and Im not picky about coffee but seriously this is consistently bad.
  • Decent coffee and pastries. Not bad for a hospital!
  • Coffee and pasteries
  • There's nothing wrong with it. Cheap, and not awful.
  • Weds. flavor of the day is Jamaica Me Crazy - I love it. NOTE the express line is not always faster than regular line...
  • There coffee is great I recommend that people try it
  • Portuguese sweetbread muffins in the morning ( the English muffins are all whole wheat) on Wednesdays the coffe flavor of the day is Jamaica me crazy, which is excellent
  • I love this place real cheap prices. They have a great menu they even have gluten free items.
  • No more onion bagels. :-(
  • a lot of people do not know about the fair trade coffee so it sits there most of the time if you ask if its fresh and its not, they will make a fresh pot for u... Its the best tasting coffee there.
  • Spent most of day at MGH pain center. Love my Doc there, very compassionate and caring, and a very nice guy too
  • Only go here if u don't have time to go somewhere else.. The coffee sucks.
  • Bagels aren't the usual crap from places like this, they aren't bad!
  • If you only want coffee (up to a maximum of 3), there's an express line. Use that to avoid waiting in long lines (it's always busy!)
  • If you have the fabulous luck of having to stay at the hospital late, fret not, for CC is truly open 24-hours, 7 days a week. AND they have actual food after the resident dinner @!

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