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Supermarket, Grocery Store
525 Titus Ave
Rochester, NY 14617
(585) 266-4090


  • Best selection of yogurt in town
  • Best place ever.
  • The chicken fritters over at the wing bar are really good. Get a few of those and some of their premade mac & cheese and you've got a nice quick meal. Fritters are best when reheated in an oven.
  • The turkey chili at the soup bar is good. It has some spice to it So don't get this if you don't want something that has a kick to it.
  • I love when people go in the "15 items or fewer" line with 50 things. Too lazy to wait in the appropriate line but now I have 1 thing and have to wait for you! Unreal.
  • They actually had everything I stopped in to get today! Hopefully his is a good sign for management at this store.
  • Wegmans uses Dibella's sub rolls, now that's why they taste so yummy!
  • Here's a tip for wegmans: make a batch or two of doughnuts for the overnight shift! The 12:30-3:55am selection sucks!
  • Yes! Green tea frappe with vanilla soy is bangin!
  • If you need to buy food this place has all kinds
  • Good place to come when you have nothing to do in irondequoit.
  • Come here to get the fish fry on Friday.
  • What's not to love about good ole weggies?
  • Wegmans subs rock!
  • Use the northern entrance door to avoid some of the bottle return stench
  • If this place only sold food, it would be 1/3 the size.
  • Cashiers NEVER ask if you want milk in a bag, they automatically put it in one. We always have to remind cashier that we don't want it in a bag. Seems to be the only Wegmans this way.
  • Food is there.
  • The travel accessories have more than just mini toothpaste. Useful stuff in those bins!
  • Say hello to Patty Flowerday! She does the cooking samples.

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