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11811 SW River Dr
Portland, OR
(503) 294-3888



  • Fantastic service! Great food... Affordable price.... I highly recommend it
  • Bento box. Mmmm
  • Basketball / NBA is always have on! :)
  • The chef makes fantastic sushi rice and nails the rice:fish ratio for the nigiri... which is super affordable. Highly recommended.
  • Everything was amazing. Great service!!
  • Awesomeness rolled up in rice! Great staff too.
  • I've eaten here before and liked it better then. The salmon on whatever sushi roll I ordered did not look right to me. The other rolls were just o.k.
  • Service is great. Food is awesome. Only one other group here. Lucky us!
  • Sat down at 6:30 on friday evening. We're the only ones here. Not a good sign.