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Historic Site, Landmark
98 Union Street (btwn Hanover & North)
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 457-8755


  • This monument, built in 1995, is covered with etched numbers recalling the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. Six glass towers represent the chimneys of WWII concentration camps.
  • Such a very powerful and chilling monument to visit. Seeing the numbers as the steam rises up puts the impact of this horrid event into perspective and makes clear why we must never forget.
  • I accidentally jogged through here with my dog
  • Numbers on the glass.
  • Work of San Francisco artist Stanley Saitowitz. Consists of 6 54' glass columns with numbers 1-6 million (# of Jewish victims). Air from vents said to represent human breath. More info in blog.<LINK>
  • Although there are only 2,280,960 numbers represented, the six glass towers represent the 6 million people that were killed.
  • Visitors often leave stones at the site of the Memorial, reflecting the ages-old Jewish custom of marking a graveside visit.
  • Bring a stone to leave at the site. A chilling tribute to the victims.
  • The numbers (the ones used in the Nazy Camps to identify the Judes) instead of the names give us a good understand about the dimention of the war's horror.
  • Never forget!
  • Sort of tripped into this... Very powerful. Read all the quotes. And try to understand the staggering list of numbers.
  • For the second time this summer of 2017, the Memorial has been borken by neo-nazi. Shame on these morrons !
  • Mmm... Pequeo
  • It's a must visit if you're in Boston. The quotes written here are so powerful, they tug at your heart strings.
  • Interesting place I could feel the energy as I read the words of the victims words very powerful experience.
  • It's really chilling when you learn what the steam is meant to represent
  • The memorial, itself has a very simplistic design. However, the design also has a powerful impact. Walking through and looking at the numbers was a humbling experience.
  • One of the most sobering yet beautiful Holocaust memorials I've seen to date. It's not large but it's powerful.
  • Very thought provoking memorial.
  • I got the chills walking through here because of the harsh reality. But it's good to be reminded what we've fought for

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