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Ice Cream
Via dei Coronari, 65 (Via di San Simone 70)
Roma, Lazio 00186
+39 06 4547 4880


  • Great ice cream! I had Sicilian almond / White chocolate & basil / Fig (4)
  • Go after dinner and sit on the stairs..
  • Delicious Italian gelato. 2.50 for two scoops on a cone.
  • One of the best ice cream with very peculiar flavours that you can't find everywhere. Try the Zabaione allo Zibibbo! Spectacular!
  • "All roads lead to Rome". True but uncomplete: also all roads in Rome should lead here for every ice cream lover!
  • One of the best gelaterias in Rome! Different tastes.
  • The herb flavours-lamponi e salvia (raspberry-sage), lavanda e pesca (lavender-peach), & choc bianco al basilico (white chocolate-basil)-are great. And puro (pure chocolate) is heaven too.
  • Hidden gem. Superb ice cream!
  • Really tasty gelato, I recommend chocolate and coffee. Best time to go is after 7pm because it gets really quiet whereas in the afternoon the queue is out of the door.
  • Perfect for a late night gelato (never a queue after 9PM). Coconut is my favourite here.
  • Lavender-peach, white chocolate-basil, Rosemary. Ultimate.
  • Fantastic gelato! Try the wine and chocolate, or really anything you can't really go wrong!
  • Il gelato alla prugna rossa fantastico
  • Fantastic raspberry, made from organic raspberries.
  • Probably one of the best you can get is at the Gelateria del Teatro, hidden in a small backyard. Try the home-made cioccolato puro or salvia e lampone (sage ice cream with a raspberry ripple)!
  • Fantsticos helados, cremosos, y con un sabor suave con el que te dan ganas de no parar nunca.
  • Best gelato I've tried in my life. Try the pistachio flavor.
  • Lovely small gelateria with great flavours. Loved the cherry & sage. The fruit flavours are rich and fresh. Just get your gelato and sit on the stairs next door in the shade. Enjoy!
  • . ! Gelateria 5 . !
  • Super delicious gelato! Pistachio and tiramisu are my favourite combo!

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