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Crystal Springs Rd (at Skyline Blvd)
San Mateo, CA 94402


  • One of the best jogging/walking trail in the Peninsula. About 7 miles of out & back paved trail. Unfortunately no dogs! :-(
  • Best running trail on the Peninsula by far!
  • Deers are everywhere and they don't run or afraid to people. I almost touch and feed them.
  • Six-mile paved trail. Outhouses at each end, and a few places along the trail. One water fountain at the north end.
  • Bring your comfy shoes and enjoy the trail!
  • parking is a bitch. if on side of road, do not be on or over the white lane line.
  • Beautiful place to run. It's 6 miles in one direction, there's never much congestion after the first mile, and no dogs to get in your way. Lovely views the whole path.
  • Nice paved 6 mile trail between reservoirs. The further you go the less people there are.
  • No drones allowed! Take those pesky things elsewhere.
  • 6.0 miles trail one way. Great views of the lake and reservoir. No dogs allowed though
  • A little crowded and the fence is unsightly but some beautiful views of water.
  • Not really for a serious road bike ride. 15 mph speed limit.
  • Great place to go for a bike ride or long walk on paved paths surrounded by beautiful scenery
  • Beautiful paved trail that is perfect for bikers, joggers, and pedestrians. Make sure to reach the bridge that takes you across the reservoir. Has a lot of shade after the first stretch!
  • Very crowded with inconsiderate people on weekends. Parking can be difficult to find.
  • Gorgeous paved trail..
  • Scenery of water and oak. Paved and marked for distance. Mostly flat. Water tends to enhance the sun. Sunscreen recommend. Swarms of insects often over trail. Run w/ glasses & closed mouth.
  • This paved trail is so serene! Great for a walk, run or bike ride.
  • Great trail to get in a 3 mi or 12 mi (out and back) run/jog
  • Blissfully flat, paved trail. Perfect for when you're hungover and need to walk

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