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Movie Theater, Cineplex
9415 W Colonial Dr (in West Oaks Mall)
Ocoee, FL 34761
(407) 290-1265


  • If you want your movie to end early cause some ghetto kids start a riot in the mall then this is the place to go.
  • Hood rats will ruin date nite. Just tell em what's up!
  • Im not even gonna comment on uneducated, comments left before me, I love this Mall & Theater, if you don't then go somewhere else. Nuff Said!!!
  • Good theatre but the mall is full of hood rats shop somewhere nicer
  • Best deal, all movies before noon, $5.00, 7 days a week!!!
  • The service is just as good as any AMC and the price is better than most the seating is also better and unlike AMC Altamonte you actually have room to walk in the aisles.
  • GHETTO! And its Kiddy City on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Phenomenal sound, comfortable seats and $5.00 Matinee's, 7-Days-A-Week!
  • Oh my... you know the saying it takes one to know one. lol sounds like you were at the righ mall afterall
  • "Matinee" was the word. Not Mariners.
  • I've seen several defective screens at this theater. Mall crowd is nonexistent during afternoons, though.
  • The chairs
  • Theater has been completely remodeled. They have a bar now and they switched to cushioned recliner seats. Is the most comfortable Ive been at the movies ever!
  • There seems to be done challenging times in the past but the police keeps the place safe. Price is under $7 anyway if the week.
  • There are some friendly staff members and security guard. And even better, there are delicious foods besides popcorn. There are also pizza and chicken fingers with curly fries.
  • Probably the least expensive movie theater in the area for new movies. Matinees are <$5 & regular movies are <$7. Every. Single. Day!
  • The theater is a little bit dirty but at least their amc popcorn is good
  • This theater could use a renovation
  • Criminals live here. Avoid at all costs.
  • Nice movie theater

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