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Gym / Fitness
3201 Louisiana St (Elgin St.)
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 401-0182


  • Towels as soft as sandpaper here!
  • Why is there never any AC in here????
  • Fitness starts in the kitchen... how is your diet doing?
  • You should try to get someone to fix all the broken shit
  • Help everybody have a great workout by putting equipment back in it's home when you are done with it. And if you see equip someone left, pitch in and find it's home.
  • Despite it is in a gay area.This gym is pretty mixed. It got open 2 year ago and I used to have membership there when it was new.Now it is not as clean and to much straight chocolate invade at night.
  • Nothing but house music on the sound system? Best 24 location for EDM heads such as myself
  • They need to clean this place up and replace the broken equipment. Try Melanie's spinning class on Tuesday at 5:30 or Wednesday at noon. You won't regret it!
  • Spin class with Melanie is miserable...she never stops talking/screaming during the entire class & no zero variety in the workout from song to song. It's a very long hour unlike most spin classes.
  • I can't believe the times I go in to workout midnight on a Saturday, there are people actually there.
  • Monies spin class is a great workout
  • Great gym and friendly staff. Peak times can be a challenge as with any popular gym. Just have to find a schedule that is good for you and makes for a good gym experience.
  • Nice to go from 8-11am or from 2-4pm or really late at night haha.
  • 2pm is the best time to avoid swarms of people
  • use the valet service
  • Place smells terrible. Prolly a H1N1 breeding ground.
  • I think I just cut my face on this towel yes I said TOWEL
  • Why are there no small towels? Because they are all on the floor of the men's locker room!! Buy more or clean this place up!
  • All these new years resolution people just need to get the h... out of here. It's to darn crowded!
  • Went for a few weeks and could never get a parking spot... Once we got in we had to fight for a locker as the locker room is small. Then we waited for cardio and weights all with long lines.

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