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Park, Farm, Playground
6073 Wells Rd
St Louis, MO 63128
(314) 615-4386


  • A great place to bring kids for seeing farm animals. Remember to leave a donation!
  • The Go! List 2014: Best park
  • Animal petting area is nice
  • Awesome place to relax
  • Everything! Fishing, picnic areas, playground and petting farm and lots of pokemon stops!!!
  • I soo want to take the kiddos, but the heat has to go away first!
  • There is a quiet little playground on the other side of wells by the ice skating rink
  • Just witnessed a duck rape circle. #buquckke
  • Home to one of the meanest ducks ever!!!
  • I love this part!!
  • Park is great on both side of the road!
  • Summer kids activities on select Fridays.
  • Great pavilions for dates and great spot to take kids too

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