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Cineplex, Movie Theater, Entertainment
Level 5, Bugis+ (201 Victoria St)
Singapore, 188067
+65 6835 9087


  • No credit card tie-ups yet! :(
  • generous leg space, the only cinema tat I do not need to sit slant way when people walk across
  • Do bring a jacket if ur catching a shw here.
  • Got ghosts.
  • A bit deafening!
  • Where I can watch ALL the latest MOVIE ! MOVIE DATE PLZ ~
  • Good, comfortable seats with enough walkway for people to walk pass you without you needing to shift too much.
  • Shut up and stop complaining. One of the best movie venues to head down to for sure.
  • The movie seats handle thingy can't be pulled up.. Can't sit comfortably with bf/gf!! Haha!
  • Loving the huge leg room as compared to other cinemas!
  • The walk way is so smelly
  • It's freezing in here.. bring thermal wear.
  • Bring a sweater. Filmgarde has yet to learn how to moderate its air-conditioning temperature. Sound's a bit too loud but the seats are spacious!
  • Popcorn buy can't change flavor even not open yet...
  • The nachos... Ew.
  • Good leg room seats!!
  • Service training is necessary for front desk staff.
  • THE SERVICE ARE EXCELLENT! I enjoyed buying tickets from them! They are always smiling:) thumbs up
  • Churros Sux
  • Very rude staff (short with messy hair girl) said NO in customers face. GL HF.

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