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Coffee Shop
Terminal Blvd (at SAT Airport)
San Antonio, TX 78216


  • Always mmmm mmm GOOD
  • Try the pumpkin spice latte... It's delicious!!
  • Star bucks has always got it good from late to frapps it's all good
  • Conveniently located, but if you prefer the seasonal beverage have an alternate drink in mind. They do a poor job of keep the specialty drink supplies in stock.
  • Hmmmmm, dark chocolate Grahams!
  • Worst baristas and worst service!
  • Tiny little Starbucks and always crowded (airside SAT terminal A).
  • Warning: There were flying bugs in the pastry case. I would steer clear. They didn't seem too concerned with it. Ew! :(
  • Don't bother getting a bagel. They don't slice it or toast it for you. When you ask them to slice it for you since there are no tables for you to slice they give you attitude, but they will do it.
  • If you are ordering a Frap or Frap lite... Ask them to add 2 scoops of protein to ur Frap for a 12gram protein boost!
  • Here's not the real Starbucks, staff said. She didn't accept the foursquare coupon of 1 get 1 free...
  • If you fly on US Airways, Delta, Frontier, or Interjet you can view their ticket counters and the airport security line from here.
  • Get a tall Pike, no room.
  • Best Peppermint Mocha!
  • Excellent friendly service each and every time
  • Great staff warm coffee

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