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Botanical Garden
Albany Rd
中環, 中西區


  • find the green parrot & he'll keep saying hello to you :)
  • Find scarlet ibises among wild birds, you won't be disappointed
  • Worth a visit if you're nearby as free and full of monkeys
  • Great way to spend a slow afternoon. Consider bringing bug repellent. A few nice picnic areas.
  • Free wifi and pleasant surrounds. Great place to chill
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  • Go here if monkeys are you're kind of thing
  • Free entry (i wondered in by accident). Looks like best time of the day is morning as that's when the animals are active.
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  • its for free right up the hill from SoHo.
  • Check out the Golden Agouti
  • It was called ages ago.
  • Reasonably big playground at the top tier of the zoo near the smaller primate cage. Lots of well kept play equipment.
  • Some monkeys seem really unhappy.
  • Monkeys are the best
  • Small, but lovely park for a family weekend walk. Nice monkeys, though the cages could have been bigger..
  • Cool variety of birds, monkeys and even a tiger section. Great place to stroll through
  • free wifi, free entrance, drinking water, easy access
  • Good zoo in the middle of the city, avoid peak tram, zoo is nicer
  • If you're looking for a change from the hustle and bustle of HK, then this is a pleasant diversion. ;)