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JW Marriott Hotel No. 83 Jianguo Road
北京市, 北京市 100025


  • Excellent steaks & good service
  • If you are staying at the hotel and have joined Marriott rewards, you get a 20% discount
  • Try the wagyu steak. You're welcome ;)
  • Very good value for money business lunch menu on weekdays!
  • I have to say I did not expect too much but their Chateaubriand was really fantastic. Ok, it's a hotel restaurant but their steaks are great (and expensive of course)!
  • Giving tastes good at CRU, a 2012 restaurant.
  • Use your Marriott Reward number (can apply for free any time) and get a 20% discount!
  • 20% discount if you pay with AmEx
  • CRU recently bolstered menu, offering a massive selection of oysters and some of the juiciest cuts of steak.
  • One of best steakhouses in the city. Crossbreed tenderloin highly recommended. Menu pretty much worths the $$.