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Library, Coffee Shop
504 W State St (btw Oval Dr & N Grant St)
West Lafayette, IN 47907
(765) 494-9153


  • have coffee and stay up all night studing
  • Group Meetings and Wasting Away Life.
  • Place for sticking to the study or wasting time
  • Laugh sadly while staring at others who have a similar sad existence.
  • The underground coffee shop is great and quick!
  • If you can, go to Rawls
  • Be sure to wear a watch. No cell service and the lack of windows make it easy to lose track of time
  • stare at the homeless guys using the public use computers to watch anime
  • Theft, messy bathroom, the only good thing about this library is that it opens till 2am.
  • This library tends to be packed dring finals, so make sure to get there early to study!
  • Small study rooms are not used to watch movies with light off!
  • Brightest place to study on campus!!!
  • Hick's is one of the best places on campus to study! On Sunday - Thursday they are open until 2 am!
  • Enjoy the time of being alone in the Library.
  • The girl that works at the coffee shop is really cute ... danielle
  • Cool new TV right next to the coffee shop helps distract you when you need a break from studying
  • It's so hot in the DLC and there's no service but there's always open computers.
  • Please get a room
  • Get Monster Energy drinks in the vending machines in the back for $2. Don't buy them at the coffee bar.
  • Public microwave here to warm up your lunch.

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403 W State St (btwn N. Grant St. & W. State St.)