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Farmer's Market
2nd St. (btwn La Reina Ave. & New St.)
Downey, CA 90241


  • I stopped by the man selling natural honey. For the first time I tried a honeycomb. You are supposed to chew it like gum, suck out the honey and spit out the wax. It was actually really good.
  • The farmers market is now on Downey avenue between Firestone and 4th street.
  • Market days are on Saturdays 9am - 1pm
  • Delicious, fresh made pupusas!
  • Try the mommas hummus it is delish... faves are original roasted red pepper, black bean hummus. Also try to bolani. And the strawberries are 5 bucks for 3 little boxes good deal. And fresh garlic.
  • Best Hummus =)
  • This market is my new favorite. They were likely my one-stop-market. They had fresh vegetables, meats, and fish. Aside from that, they had various types of cheese and dairy.

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