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Paternoster Sq
London, Greater London E C4M


  • See that column in the middle of the square? It's actually a ventilation shaft for the Tube. Oh, and avoid the 50p toilets where you don't even get a mirror. Free ones are in St Paul's.
  • After/bfore your visit to St Paul's Cathedral, you can enjoy your afternoon at Starbucks Coffee.
  • There is wifi here... There is also the City's annual celebration of arts going on here till the end of July!
  • Paralympics parade was great!!!! Welldone Team GB
  • take a few mins to relax in the buzzing piazza, especially on a summer day at lunchtime
  • Full of tourists and city workers. No good pubs on the square - look on the streets around. Kinda sterile but nice and sunny with lots of places to sit.
  • Lovely food. We went for the first dates novelty but the food was delicious
  • First dates restaurant!
  • Ringing bells for 20 minutes
  • A large and spacious gym just off of St Pauls that's a hidden gem. Good area for eating lunch in fresh air. Also good for people watching.
  • The setting for the first dates restaurant if you're a fan. Lovely 'hidden' square away from the crowds
  • Avoid this place
  • Great views. Nice to stop and relax a bit while sightseeing.
  • A square filled with average restaurants and random shops, with no clear purpose other than to deface the area in the immediate vicinity of St Paul's. Baffling.
  • Petite place sympa avec un Shaun
  • Sit and grab a coffee and people watch or stare at the majestic if St. Paul.
  • Nice square to relax and enjoy the views. Next to St. Paul's Cathedral.
  • Where the suits hang out to chill.
  • Before WWII this was the home of the publishing industry. The area was heavily damaged in the night of December 29th, 1940.
  • It's 50p for the loo but they are clean

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