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Diner, Breakfast
6610 18th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11204
(718) 236-8623



  • Be polite. The waitresses always go out of their way for me because I'm respectful. This should be elementary
  • Very cheap breakfasts here!
  • super cheap breakfast deals here
  • The french fries!!! them!
  • The hot roast beef on a roll with gravy is a solid choice
  • Good food and the prices are cheap.
  • Everyone here is great. Good solid coffee shop food. That other guy must own a different coffee shop...
  • Not sure when Joe B. went but they have an A now (11/2012). Food is ok, but the prices can't be beat. And it's nice to get food somewhere that's not a chain
  • Do not eat there !!! they have the worst rating that u could get ....roaches , mice & rats.