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Mexican, Fast Food
3471 Steelyard Dr (at Cleveland's Steelyard Commons)
Cleveland, OH 44109
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm



  • I'm 25 and i thought i was gonna die of old age in line.
  • This is by far the worst Chipotle. Staff is so slow and has to be the most ghetto. Gold teeth, weaves, press-on nails and welfare rule!!
  • If you use the fax in ordering feature on their website, you can be in and out or eating in <5mins. Then you can laugh at all the suckers waiting in line
  • Lines usually long but go quick.
  • I'm 28, still in line. D:
  • Get here early for lunch to avoid the lines
  • Tired of waiting in long lines here?.. just use the Chipotle iPhone app to pre-order!
  • love this place
  • Double meat , extra extra extra rice, sour cream, cheese.
  • Not bad. Its ok here. I'd come back
  • The half of the staff working has to work around the half of the staff simply standing around.
  • You could starve waiting for food here.
  • Take it to go don't eat I. Here ppl at the line will stare!
  • I'm intimidated by places with long lines and multiple choice combinations.
  • It's across from Wallmart, and next to Apleby's and Targit. LMFAO
  • Slooooooooow
  • Longest lines but best location hands down
  • Ridiculously long lines due to staff that are carelessly slow. One stopped to have a conversation with someone when there is a line halfway around the restaurant. Will NOT come back to this shit hole.
  • Will never go to this one again. Lines slow employees complaining to customers about them being short staffed. Very unprofessional.
  • Lines are always long but what do you expect the food is great and cheap. And always hot chicks here too

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