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Cineplex, Movie Theater
1250 Wonder World Dr
San Marcos, TX 78666
(512) 805-8000


  • They have popcorn and movies here!
  • The theaters smell like BO and butthole.
  • The theater is definitely is a nice place to catch a movie. Prices for concessions are a little high, but they always are at theaters. Sneak some candy in your bag beforehand if you have a chance!
  • Go for matinee way cheaper only $5.75
  • Shut up and watch the movie!
  • Bring your own snacks !!!
  • Don't let the sign above the snack bar fool you... They DO NOT have sno caps.
  • Hunger Games!
  • Get to know the ushers. Could save you some of that hard earned cash!
  • Very nice theater, comfortable chairs.
  • Nice movie theater next to campus.
  • They serve alcohol and their seats are so comfy!!
  • Quiet. Very quiet
  • Guardians of the universe
  • Inside the storm
  • I always bring a sweater expecting to freeze my tail off but this theater is the most humid/hot theater I've ever been to. A/C problems?
  • Come early to get a good seat if seeing Twilight Breaking Dawn. Hate sitting in second row. Too damn close.
  • Eclipse

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