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Student Center, Cafeteria, Bowling Alley
200 Central Campus Dr (University of Utah)
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
(801) 581-5888


  • The restaurant on the top floor, has really good food, and accepts transfer meals. A lot better than the food court.
  • In the basement homeworking away. The study area and compute labs in the basement of the union is the best kept secret on campus!
  • There is a painting of a shirtless cowboy in the den. It is out of place and one of the more risqu things on campus.
  • Get discounted ski tickets from the front desk. Best prices I've found!
  • The bathroom sinks west of the food court are the most innovative sinks you'll ever use!
  • CESA is the place to be.! Shout outs to MEChA
  • Go bowling
  • Highlander Grog is the reason I am going to pass my PolySci class. Love the coffee.
  • Jamba juice next to Outtakes. Amazing!
  • Freestyle soda machine in the cafeteria, bowling alley, and theatre space!
  • Is that a bowling alley I hear?
  • If you're here between 730 and 10 am, get a build your own omelet, delicious
  • Duplicate venue.
  • Relay for life on the free speech zone behind the union and help fight cancer each April
  • Jamba Juice makes my pleasure meter explode. ^_^
  • Rock the u and still be there at 5 am
  • Need a table? Sit awkwardly next to someone sitting alone... they'll leave when you start making weird noises.
  • Check out the Crimson View on the 4th floor. Less crowded than the food court and a much better view of the valley.
  • Chimichanga day on wednesdays... It's amazing!
  • Working in The Chrony

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