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Ice Bar, Cocktail, Event Space
Vasaplan 2-4
Stockholm, Storstockholm 101 37
+46 8 505 635 20
3:45pm - 12:00am
3:45pm - 12:00am
3:45pm - 12:00am
3:45pm - 12:00am
3:00pm - 1:00am
3:00pm - 1:00am
3:45pm - 12:00am


  • a bit expensive.... make sure u don't lose your ice glass for refill.. otherwise they charge u for extra ice glass!Also, don't eat your ice glass like I did!!
  • Icebar is Stockholm's coolest bar, literally. At a temperature of 23 degrees Fahrenheit, you find yourself drinking from a glass made of ice in a room made of ice. A definite must when in Stockholm!
  • ABSOLUT ICEBAR offers an experience unlike any other. Chilled to a constant -5C/ 23F, it evokes all your senses.
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  • Expensive and boring but it's suggestive! Go to other bar!
  • Absolut Icebar is definitely one of the best bars in Stockholm providing an unique service to the customers. After paying the entrance fee of 190 SEK do not forget to keep your ice glass for refill.
  • Try the restaurant next door. Mushroom soup is perfect.
  • Cold and small but worth seeing if you haven't been in an ice bar!
  • dont put your tongue in the ice , ;)
  • Very touristy and a lot smaller than I thought. You mostly walk around a room that has ice sculptures but it's still a must! Not something you can do for more than an hour. Good for fun photos :)
  • If you come to Stockholm you need to visit this place once and to sip one of their cocktails from a glass made out of ice.
  • --))
  • Very strange price & service. But it's perfect place!!!
  • Expensive and boring bar. Don't do it!
  • This is a joke..
  • It worth visiting indeed. Not bad cocktails, but its not about them. The whole venue is a kind of art. Really enjoyed this place.
  • Afternoons are overwhelmed with tour groups.
  • Great concept... definitely an end of day activity in Stockholm. Its a small bar and its very cold inside. You literally have a drink (or two), walk around, take a picture and leave.
  • Giri fiyat ok yksek, ierisi kk ve ksa zaman sonra zaten kyorsun
  • It's not a place you go to stay for long, you basically go in, see what it's like inside, take some photos for your social media feed and leave. But worth it for the experience.

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