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Landmark, Road
Monument Ave
Richmond, VA 23220


  • Home to stunning architecture and many monuments, Monument Avenue is the only street in the U.S. thats a National Historic Landmark.
  • In 2007, the American Planning Association named Monument Avenue one of the 10 Great Streets in the country. Also on the National Register of Historic Places as a National Historic Landmark District
  • National Historic Landmark, Historic Monument Avenue @ Virginia
  • Hard to drive, but great for photos.
  • Home to stunning architecture, Monument Avenue is the only street in the U.S. thats a National Historic Landmark. With that said, it also lionizes the "Lost Cause" movement of the Jim Crow South.
  • A great place to live and explore history in the museum district. Great duplex coming available!
  • Many monuments to pro-slavery men.
  • Take a nice Sunday drive one of the best streets in the US
  • Great visual history
  • For a good look at Richmond's history, take a stroll down Monument Ave.
  • Watch out for uneven sidewalks. Lift those feet!
  • Great place to watch 10k
  • Visit the Monuments and experience a cobblestone road.
  • Jessi answer ur phone
  • Very historical street that runs through the fan district.
  • Definitely break out the DSLR & take pictures in the fall; it's so pretty when the leaves change colors.
  • Everybody who lives in Richmond, should at least bike down this road at least once.
  • Love it! Especially during the fall and spring when the colors are vibrant!
  • Cut that out!
  • Fall is the best season on Monument. The trees are gorgeous! Take a walk in the evening - people leave their blinds open so you can see inside their beautiful houses!

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