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Department Store
2260 Callagen Hwy (at 32nd St Navy Base)
San Diego, CA 92136
(619) 544-2100


  • It's as if God excavated a decent SoCal mall and emptied its contents into one venue. Afterwords He said, "make everything beautiful, up-to-date, affordable, and take away the tax," and it happened.
  • 5 credit per bag for bringing in your own reusable bags.
  • 20140305- the books you've wanted to buy but never had a chance to are on clearance sale!
  • Black friday. Be prepared to look around for parking..have ur comfy tennis shoes on..
  • Canon t3 with lens only $684. Great bundle!
  • Commissary is now closed on Mondays
  • MCRD has a 10%normal off all electronic including Apple good for 10 Nov 2011 which is MC birthday. Not everyone gets it in their email. They also price match
  • If you use the flyer scratchers, you are guaranteed 5% discount with a chance to get maybe 10 or 15%.
  • park behind the exchange and come in where the baby clothes are. Guaranteed parking options.
  • Stop by Valvoline those guys are Great!!!!
  • Some great discounts on a wide variety of products. A good shopping option if you/your family are connected with the Navy.
  • Remember to look up the prices on Amazon so you can ask for the price match and save even more
  • Looking for Brighton and Reef ship shops.
  • Commissary will star closing every Monday
  • Tax free don't mean crap when their deals are usually worse than Amazon, whom is also tax free.
  • Be nice with the associates..they dont control the stock on items..
  • 89 cent waters !
  • This place is huge. Great variety of name brands.
  • Big and well stocked
  • Electronics and home stuff in southern building and clothes and fashion in the northern building.

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