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Music Venue
9-17 Highgate Rd
London, Greater London NW5 1JY
+44 20 3362 4110


  • Not the cheapest bar prices in London but if you get to the front rails of the elevated area as you enter downstairs, you have the best view of the stage without getting knocked around all night long.
  • The HMV Forum is the proving ground for many UK bands and international bands alike. Beer is average and sound can vary quite a bit, but if you get a good spot, it's a corker.
  • Grab a seat upstairs with your back to one of the soft walls for a great massage while listening to metal.
  • Originally constructed as part of a chain of art deco cinemas with a spurious Roman theme the Forum became a music venue in the early 1980s...
  • Wow a non-chewing gum venue. They search your bag and throw out your gum. Not come across that before
  • Great venue!
  • Good cheese and chips a couple doors down for late night food.
  • The sound is utter shit. If you love a band, don't see them here.
  • Worse sound system ever!!
  • Sound can be muddy
  • It's so bloody hot in this venue, prepare for dehydration and possibly death ahah!
  • Don't stage dive. Tried it a few years ago, didn't make it, needed a knee op as a result.
  • Good view of the stage from downstairs bars - turn right on entering then stand against the right most wall, bars only get really packed prior to the headline act
  • Bar prices are obscene. Go to the alcove under the stairs for a great view.
  • Great venue for more intimate concerts.
  • Witnessed the mighty Leftfield here and I was on the top balcony by the bar. Good sound and I felt like I was a raver back in '95 again. Was amazing. Could do with more bar staff though but still good
  • please downstairs upstairs
  • Standing position tip: go down the right hand side, to the bottom section and stand underneath the stairs neart he backstage door. Good side view and you should have a bit of space.
  • Smells like old farts and stale burp
  • Free parking is located in Regis Road after 6.30pm. There is also free parking at Carkers Lane after 6.30pm. Turn right at the Grand Union Pub/LA Fitness going towards Camden - please use the upper de

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