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Movie Theater, Indie Movies
83 Upper St
London, Greater London N1 0NP
+44 872 436 9060


  • Go for the sofa in row G, seats 7 & 8 - directly opposite the aisle, so an unimpeded view of the screen :)
  • Pretty cool chain. The hampstead branch is a bit cosier, but this is a more historic building.
  • Don't go upstairs
  • Your seat number is on the back of YOUR seat, not the one on the seat in front, m'kay?
  • Best cinema in London probably.
  • My favourite cinema in London. Get the couches for a couple of quid extra, put your feet up and it'll feel like you're watching it at home
  • Brilliant sofa! And wine ! Awesome!
  • The cinema was also known for its 'Midnight Special' gigs, in 1976 The Clash and Buzzcocks supported The Sex Pistols there. It was also the location of Sid Vicious debut with the Sex Pistols in 1977.
  • A movie, a pint and a couch. What else?
  • So lovely cinema, friendly staff and the hummus and garlic bread were very nice. So friendly staff. Sat in the first row and the screen was not too close. However, it gets really gold in the room.
  • Don't sit in the front row as there is a really high stage in front of the screen which is bad for shorties like me.
  • upgrade to the soft, plush couches. Totally worth it. Book in advance, this theater is wicked cool and sells out all the time. Dig it.
  • Nice bar in the back with snacks. Buy before the movie starts because it shuts just before showtime.
  • Get a sofa it's 2.50 more than the standard ticket and totally worth it. Comfort is key, no back ache here.
  • Amazing film experience for those with a real passion for the artform. Rarely go anywhere else for film screenings these days. Comfy seating, quieter crowds, good food. All chains are 10/10.
  • I love the sofas here. A real treat and one of my favourite cinemas in London.
  • Hot cocoa with Baileys while you are comfortably seated? Yes please!
  • Sofas for Premier seats, cocktails at the bar, small screen though
  • One of the great indie cinemas in London.
  • Great theatre ambience.

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